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Painting the living room

Efficiently carried out, without spillage and templates cleaned up after themselves. Forgot to ask for one thing, but it worked out without a problem. Can highly recommend.

Christian Kamhaug

Painting the ceiling, walls, doors and windows in three rooms

Stefan and his team have completed the painting task in a very trustworthy manner. They were able to supply at very short notice and completed very quickly – with good quality. Stefan is very punctual and reliable and the communication has been very efficient and orderly along the way. When the work was completed I had a couple of small things I wanted changed, and they fixed that the very next morning without any further discussion. I am very pleased.

Susanne Hegg

Laying parquet and making walls plain after demolishing the old kitchen

In connection with the renovation, we used Kso for the removal and laying of parquet, complete plastering and painting of walls and miscellaneous. anything else that arose along the way. Kso carried out all work to our utmost satisfaction and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Espen Seeberg

Painting of living room 40 sqm

Beautiful work done (complete renovation of the living room)! Precise and reliable, pleasant to deal with, stayed until the job was done, solution-oriented and took initiative. Clearly people who take pride in doing a proper job. We are very pleased with the result. We can safely recommend this company.

Cecilie Horn

Renovation of 2 children’s rooms

Very satisfied with this company, neat and good communication throughout, good people who finished the job within the agreed time!

Henrik Lunde

Paint detached house

Well done, no mess. Communication went well, always an English speaker present. I would use KSO again, can be recommended. Asker 21.8-19

Gunnar Grimne

Washing and pickling of houses

Efficient and clever. Did the job at the agreed time. Nice result.

Benedikte Fjelly

Painting of a detached house

We had the house painted quickly, efficiently and in a very short time. The painters were neat and accurate in their work. The quality was good and the communication was well taken care of. We are very satisfied. Recommended.

Ola Gudmundsen

Painting + floor sanding

Stefan and his people did a brilliant job at our home. It was painting of two rooms + some small repairs (we dropped the floor sanding this time). The job was carried out accurately, professionally and on time – at a competitive price. The painters were incredibly pleasant and welcoming. Not only did they do the job well and quickly, they also cleaned up very well after themselves. They were very concerned that we as customers should be satisfied. They also always showed up when they said they would. A very good and trust-building experience. I will definitely use them again. My warmest recommendations.

Ole Kristian Bjellaanes

Handyman for various small jobs for a couple of days

At a good price and with nice and good people, they have carried out a number of tasks for me that varied from painting, to tearing down a fence to small things in the house. Extremely satisfied!!!

Cathinka Sundling

Painting of walls, doors and frames

We can highly recommend this company. The task was to paint all walls, doors, frames and moldings inside a house over two floors. They did the job very quickly, showed up well and looked professional. Left with a very well executed result. We would like to use them again on a later occasion.

Karianne Børrestad

Painting of 3 single-family homes

Very satisfied with the job. Good price, good work, little mess, serious safety, good dialogue during work and kept on time. Recommended

Jo Sivert

Exterior and interior painting

Great job, painted ceiling, walls and moldings in the living room, thorough and nice work. Stained outside, painted walls, varnished windows, and painted moldings. Polished down and varnished exit door. They took on extra tasks, stuck to the agreed price and arrived at the agreed time. I would recommend these and definitely use them again!

Hedda Hoel

Painting of half of a semi-detached house

Pleasant, efficient and competitively priced. Quick communication during the process and the house looks nice after the job is done. All equipment and waste is cleared at the end of the job.

Jan Jørgen Necas

Painting of a semi-detached house over three floors, as well as a garage and tool shed

Very good work. Clever, tidy and everything as agreed

Kristin Mjelve Aarø

Plasterboard kitchen and sparkling

The work that was carried out was small, it was done quickly and without problems. Nice guys.

Robert Engels

Painting a new house

KS husmaler painted the house quickly and efficiently. Nice painters. We asked for some additional tasks along the way and this was carried out without any problems. They paint carefully and don’t spill. It was also completed before the estimated date.

Joar Andre Hagen

Painting of windows in a detached house

Pleasant, efficient, clever and at a reasonable price. Suggested minor additions that were of great value to us without making it more expensive.

Harald Hjorthen

Painting/staining of a 124 m2 detached house

Washing/painting of a detached house, as well as “refreshing” of the terrace. Super happy with the result! Pleasant and SKILLED craftsmen who arrived at the agreed time. A couple of extra tasks were requested along the way, which Stefan and his people took on head on. Can highly recommend KS Husmaler to those who are planning to renovate! The fact that they also have reasonable prices only reinforces the “5-star” rating! 

Kjell Arve Johnsen

Painting the facade of a semi-detached house

Very pleased with the work these guys did. Worked quickly, efficiently, neatly and with a good result. All this at a very good price compared to other players who have been on inspection. Warmly recommend. 

Åsa Liljedahl

Painting of a single-family house, exterior

Washing and painting the outside of the house and garage. The work was done thoroughly and conscientiously. Cleaning, fungicide application and two coats of paint. Some table cloths were also changed. The work was carried out at the agreed price, and in a shorter time than was agreed. I can give my best recommendations to the company, and have also engaged them for other work on the house (on an hourly basis).

Helge Skåtun

Paint, four-person home, 1 coat, 3 walls

Very satisfied! Excellent job, and easy to communicate with Stefan who speaks English well. The painters who did the work were very pleasant – and even did a little extra without charging for it. Highly recommend!

Eivind Lie Nitte

Paint/stain single-family house

We are very satisfied with the painting work that was done at our place. Pleasant and good people. Efficient work.

Hilde Kloster Smerud

Painting of fronts etc. in the kitchen – 

They arrived a little earlier than agreed. They did more than agreed. They did the job in 2/3 of the estimated time consumption. And they did the job brilliantly! Nice people, admittedly a bit mixed English, but no problems being understood. Careful and skilled. The result is a kitchen that is simply fantastic! And at a lower price than estimated! 🙂 Recommend in a very, very warmest way!

Trygve Smebye

Painting of a wall in a detached house

Punctual, fast execution and very good end result! Got several additional tasks along the way, all of which were carried out in the same good way.

Brage Galtestad

Exterior painting

We would have liked to have been able to choose more things that we are particularly happy with, because it has been a pleasure to have KSHusmaler here for the past week. We are satisfied with everything, communication, reliability and efficiency, the price, tidiness, professionalism in execution AND quality of the work. The implementation was clearly marked by the fact that Stefan and his entire team are concerned that the customer is satisfied. They arrived at the agreed time and carried out according to plan. If we had any questions along the way, Stefan followed us up straight away. The quality of the work is very good, they cleaned up after each day and took our needs into account. We strongly recommend KSHusmaler.

Astrid Ménès-Nørsterud

Exterior painting

Reliable and skilled! Cleaned nicely before they went home every evening, and extra nicely until 17 May. Good price.

Unni Hennestad

Interior painting

Thank you KS Husmaler for the nice painting job you did at our home. You arrived at the agreed time, paid attention to the quality of your work and carried out the work at the agreed time. You cleaned evenly when you were finished, which we really appreciated. We would like to recommend you to others.

Catarina Dessen

Interior renovation

Very happy with Stefan and his crew. Fast and good communication and promptly completed at a reasonable price. The quality is exactly as I expected and they cleaned up after themselves. Recommend KSO and quite possibly I will use them again.

Richard Düring

Paint objection

Professionally performed complete plastering of the roof! Very satisfied and can be recommended.

Tonje Ruud Ruud-Hevrøy

Paint detached house

Washing of the roof and facade, painting of the house and garage. Very well done work by skilled professionals! Good communication. The work was carried out at the agreed time and price.

Hege Undem Store

Paint detached house

After receiving a written tender with specifications, KSO was given the task of painting my detached house over three floors. KSO started the work at the agreed time and adjusted the work according to the weather conditions. First, scaffolding was installed, then the house was washed, before it then dried so that the actual painting of the facades could begin. Two to three workers worked each day the work was in progress. They were good, accurate, persistent and completed the work in a good way in my opinion. There was no mess, things were cleaned up along the way and nothing was left at the end. The English skills were limited, but it still went well and there were pleasant workers to work with. I would happily recommend KSO.

Ingvild Øien

Interior renovation

I was very satisfied with the work KSO Husmaler carried out. They were flexible and adapted to other subjects in the workplace, and they came back and corrected a few small things when they had finished. I am happy that I chose KSO Husmaler for the job.

Fredrik Kirkeby Eriksen

Painting single-family house

We are super satisfied with the work Stephan & co did for us! Our house was in dire need of a new stain, far too many years since the last one. After a very pleasant visit at the agreed time, we received a neat offer/agreement. The work was carried out punctually, thoroughly and very well in terms of quality by a very pleasant and professional team. Walls and all nooks and crannies were thoroughly washed, scraped and applied with 2 coats of cover stain. In addition, they helped us replace some boards / wind skis that were damaged, – no problem. We are extremely satisfied with the result and recommend KSO Husmaler warmly!

Heidi F. Falk

Painting single-family house

Super satisfied with the company – top marks in terms of quality, communication, reliability, efficiency, tidiness and price!!!

Liv Solheim

Painting single-family house

KSO Husmaler, with Stefan at the head, is a very professional and skilled company. It was a team of three very competent painters who carried out the work on our three-storey house. They did the job efficiently, neatly and at the agreed time and price. I would heartily recommend KSO Husmaler. To be honest, the process of posting the job on MittAnbud was not particularly pleasant. When we posted the job, there were 10 responses within 2 minutes and we paused the job in the belief that we had enough to choose from, but most did not show up for the inspection, and of the four who eventually came, two demanded completely absurdly high prices. Fortunately, KSO Husmaler, who are serious and professional, also came.

Paul Kvalheim

Paint detached house

KSO was not the most affordable when we had to paint the house, but they delivered quality and professional execution beyond the usual. Strongly recommended.

Rolv-Erik Spilling

Exterior painting

Kso Husmaler painted our house in September 2021. Pleasant, professional and skilled people, who responded quickly to inquiries and carried out the job efficiently and with good results. They cleaned up nicely after themselves, both during and afterwards. Highly recommend the company!

Kristin Henriksen

Painting single-family house

KSO has done a very good job, and I am very satisfied with how they have handled the assignment. Not least the way they have taken responsibility for the deliveries in many areas. Hope to be able to use them again on other projects later!

Petter Braathen

Painting single-family house

High quality painting job. Punctual and reliable people. Language means that it may be a good idea to have a detailed description of the assignment in the agreement. Recommend.

Steinar Lien

Painting single-family house

Good communication and efficient.

Paal Garborg

Painting single-family house

Neat, efficient and very good results

Robert Lindberg

Paint detached house

Kso Husmaler delivered within time, cost and quality. Worked efficiently from start to finish. Good results, tidy and well executed. Can be safely recommended further.

Erik Fagersten

Painting single-family house

Top work delivered as agreed!! We will recommend KSO Husmaler to friends and acquaintances!

Trygve Munthe

Painting single-family house

Pleasant people, clear and good communication. Recommend.

Eva Ligtvor-Thue

Painting single-family house

Great result, good communication along the way and a competitive offer. Recommend!

Joachim Øwre Israelsbakk

Paint detached house

Painting was carried out in a good manner at the agreed price. There was some debris in the communication, and a couple of things we were not satisfied with when the job was done. This was rectified without discussion.

Åsmund Holen

Painting single-family house

KSO painted our end terraced house in the summer of 2022. The terraced house needed a proper wash and detailed painting of both wood, brick and metal. We really appreciated how helpful, flexible and cooperative KSO was in the process of finding out how the paint should be. KSO were professional and efficient, and contemporaries gave that little extra that made us follow well taken care of. We are very satisfied and will happily use KSO again for painting projects in the future!

Laura Pointer

Interior refurbishment

Good people that I would like to use again.

Frederic Lien

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