high professional qualification personnel

Vast experience

KS HUSMALER is a company with high professional qualification personnel with a vast experience in the field of interior and exterior improvements of private housing at affordable prices. The company saw that its personnel to be well motivated and to have a high level of professional approach and behavior. Established in 2011, KS HUSMALER became today a company appreciated by many people as it professionally meets the more diverse requirements of its clients in Norway.

Since 2018, the company has changed its name to KSO Husmaler AS.

A happy client is a very good advertising method. This is probably the explanation that most of our new clients contact us due to recommendation from other clients. This is a thing that we are proud of, but that also make us to pay attention to the smallest detail. Since establishment, our main goal was and will be to provide high quality services according to the client’s requirements, legal requirements and valid regulations, and to increase the client’s satisfaction.


We are convinced that we can prosper and develop only by fulfilling our clients’ desires. That’s why we employ all our resources that, in the end, to present a product of highest quality. In this respect we have partnerships with licensed electricity and sanitary installations companies, as well as with building materials producers.


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